Points Scoring

The Improved Production Racing Association of South Australia (IPRASA) runs its own Club Championship within the SA State Championships which are run and coordinated by the Sporting Car Club of South Australia (SCCSA). Competitors who run at the SA State Rounds will accrue points towards both the IPRASA and SCCSA championships, provided that they are eligible. The eligibility and scoring for the IPRASA Club Championship is described below:

Eligibility for Club Championship Points

Drivers must be a current financial member of IPRASA and hold a full membership.

Drivers MUST have the following mandatory stickers clearly displayed on their car before the start of Race 1 for each particular round:

   * An IPRASA Club Logo sticker (in either black or white) on both sides of the car; and
   * A minimum of 2 (preferably 4) YOKOHAMA stickers (in either black or white) on the front & rear and /or sides of the car; and
   * An Autosport Club Sponsor front windscreen banner; and Andrawos Auto Sticker on the rear windscreen
   * A Mt Barker Auto Group Sponsor sticker above the race number on each door; and
   * A Kensington Park Tyrepower sticker, plus any other Club or Round Sponsor stickers as required.

Points will be calculated for each of the official rounds in the IPRASA Club Championship.

Championship Structure

The IPRASA Club Championship is run as an Outright competition for all cars with a sub category for cars Under 2 Litre.

There are also 4 class competitions, in line with the 3J Class divisions found in the CAMS Manual.

Outright Championship

   All Cars up to 6000cc

Under 2 Litre Championship

   Class C: 1601 - 2000cc
   Class D: 0 - 1600cc

Class Competitions

   Class A: 3001 - 6000cc
   Class B: 2001 - 3000cc
   Class C: 1601 - 2000cc
   Class D: up to 1600cc

Engine capacity for the above is determined by the swept volume of the engine in cc PLUS a multiplication factor of 1.8x for rotary engines and 1.7x for forced induction engines


Point Scoring for Outright, Under 2 Litre and Class Championships:
Points are allocated at each round of the Club Championship for each eligible competitor based on the results of each race as follows;

1st =35

2nd =31

3rd =27

4th =24

5th =22

6th =20


8th =16

9th =14

10th =12

11th =10

12th = 9

13th = 8

14th = 7

15th = 6

16th = 5

17th = 4

18th = 3

19th = 2

20th =1

Points for each round will consist of the sum total of points accrued in each race by that driver in the applicable category/class.

Points are only allocated to eligible competitors (i.e. if an non-eligible competitor places in the top 10 in any class or championship their points allocation flow down to the next eligible competitor).



Each year the following trophies will be presented:
   * Outright Championship 1st, 2nd and 3rd place – minimum of 4 eligible competitors required
   * Class Competitions 1st, 2nd and 3rd place – minimum of 4 eligible competitors required 

There is also a special set of trophies awarded for the Michael Rooke Memorial Race (which is race 2 of round 3 each year): 
   * 1st place Outright – Trophy 
   * 1st place Under 2 Litre –Trophy plus Perpetual Platter


In the case of under subscription of eligible competitors in any one class or championship, trophies will be awarded for positions to one less than the number of eligible competitors (i.e. if there are 3 eligible competitors for a class or championship, trophies for 1st and 2nd only will be awarded). To be eligible for trophies competitors must have competed in a minimum of 50% of the races held in the season.